My Little Aussie’s are crazy.


 Don’t let anyone tell you different!  There are many different breeds of dogs in this world, but Australian Shepherd‘s are unlike any other 🐶 They are eager to please, so smart and extremely caring & loving! They can definitely be MORE than a handful, but what best friend isn’t? Our dogs are definitely more on the crazy side 😜 My  best description of our fluf butts would be “loyal rebels” 🐾 

A Healthy Aussie


Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is very important! Unfortunately Aussie’s could come with some serious genetic issues. Knowing your pups genetic results could possibly save its life!  

We adore Australian Shepherds, and we know you will too! That’s why we want to send you home with a healthy puppy! 

Please view our profile on Paw Print Genetics to view our dogs testing results.