About Us


All My Little Aussie puppies are raised in our home as part of our family. Your wiggle butt will come to you spoiled, happy, and healthy! We raise ASDR Toy & Mini sized Australian Shepherds, and we’re located near Houston, Texas. 


Happy & Healthy

My Little Aussie puppies are  played with and spoiled rotten every day! And are exposed to older bigger dogs, cats, and crazy kids! 

All of my dogs are genetically tested through Paw Print Genetics! Please feel free to visit our Paw Print Pedigree profie! 


A Furever Friend

Here at My Little Aussie we want to send you home with your Best Friend! Because dogs are Love. Unconditional love.  Boundlessly energetic love. Can make the worst day better, love.  Always by your side love. Tail wagging I’m so happy you’re here type love. I don’t care what you look like type love.  Sorry I ate your shoe, I think you’re the best person in the whole wide world type love. I’ll go anywhere with you type love. I’ll be your best friend my whole life type love.