My Little Aussie’s range from $500-$1500+

Merles are usually $1500+

Tri’s are usually $500+ 

Tri pups with blue eyes are usually $1500+ And occasionally we’ll have a puppy for a lower amount. We love our Doggies and puppies dearly and feel our prices are fair, but at the same time we understand that not everyone has this kind of money. We are open minded, and we do accept payments (payments must be completed before you receive your puppy) Discounts are available to our Heros! Active or retired Police Officers, Firefighters, and  Military! 

We do not list our puppies for sale until they are 4+ weeks old. 

We do not take deposits for pick of litter, and we do not do any type of waiting list! So please watch my page for puppies to become available 🐶

*Shipping- We definitely prefer in person pickup, and we are willing to meet or deliver for a fee. Shipping is available within US only, pm for a quote. 

*Size- Aussie’s are classified by their height. NOT WEIGHT!

Toy Height: 10-14 inches 

(Average Toy Weight: 7-20 pounds) 

Mini Height: 14-18 inches 

(Average Mini Weight: 15-35 pounds) 

I can not guarantee your puppies size, but I can give you my best guesstimate based on the puppies parents. 


At anytime, for any reason if the new owner can no longer care for them, they are welcome to come back home to us no questions asked!

Puppy Contract

*Our Puppy Contract must be signed before any deposits or arrangements are made!

This is a PREVIEW ONLY of our puppy contact! Once you have decided you would like a puppy from us, please contact us and we will custom fill your contract and send it to you for signing. 

Puppy Contract page 1 (jpeg)


Puppy Contract page 2 (jpeg)